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Welcome to The World Tour - Travel Adventure Club™. We're a travel club of fun, globally minded people who enjoy international Sightseeing, Hiking, Biking, SCUBA, Snow Sports trips and more!

TWT - Sightseeing, Hiking, Biking, SCUBA, Snow Sports trips and more

We are a member-driven, volunteer-led organization. Our travel club evolved from the European travel club scene in the nineties, where this concept is very popular. We are now operating as a International Tour Operator and contracting directly with the majority of vendors (Hotels, Air, Transfers, Charters, Guides, etc.). We were founded in Massachusetts around the year 2000, with the majority of our members from New England and the NY tri-state area.

TWT - Boat charter Red Sea, Egypt SCUBA and more!

As our name implies, we are an organization of like-minded individuals who enjoy traveling the world. Our purpose is to get great club/group rates, with our primary goal to provide as much value as possible, in terms of total cost, organization, enjoyment, and the trip agendas for our members.

Everyone is welcome; groups, families, and individuals, just bring your desire for fun, and a willingness to meet new people and make new friends. We are a multi-ethnic, multicultural group and celebrate diversity, it's what makes the world go 'round! You're welcome to hang with the group or do your own thing. Check-in's and transfers are as a group with our designated club group leader.

We usually offer a payment plan and you can manage your reservation on-line through your membership account. We only use group air reservations with major carriers, typically ticketed directly by the airlines, however you are welcome to get your own air, use points, frequent flyer miles, web discounts, whatever works for you. We're all about value for our members!

TWT - Sightseeing, Hiking, Biking, SCUBA, Snow Sports trips and more

Our guides are qualified professionals, normally local to our destination with language and certified guiding skills, maximizing our trip value, quality and enjoyment. All club trips, at a minimum, are escorted by trip leaders from our group departure airports. Our club trip leaders have direct responsibility and control over reservations. You are assisted by club trip leaders with airline, transfer and hotel/boat-cabin/tour check-in, and by professional local guides at our destinations, as on our itineraries.

TWT - Snow Sports and more!

A review of our 2013 tour of Ireland by a first-timer women traveling solo.

Membership dues ($50 for over a decade) are due for members over eighteen, traveling on one or more trips during a calendar year, for that calendar year. Membership is maintained thereafter, for years with no club travel, at the discretion of the club. Membership defers costs associated with trip accounting and promotion.

The club is governed by a board of directors, all of which are active members. The directors contribute administrative, accounting and legal services as well as provide financial support. We have a part time, paid, independent bookkeeper and an accounting firm that maintain our organizations financial's.

As we continue to evolve and improve, by 2021 we will have an elected, diverse, board of advisors who will activity participate in destination selection and trip agenda development, along with other club and membership recruitment projects.


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