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Sightseeing & Tulips Holland - May 2019 Payments:
Now (01-Aug-18):   $495   Initial deposit
Now (15-Oct-18):   $510   Payment 2
Now (15-Dec-18):   $510   Payment 3
Now (15-Jan-19):   $510   Payment 4
Now (15-Feb-19):   $470   Final Payment
Trip Cost: $2,495

-624 days until our trip!

Excludes options, upgrades & extensions.
There may be an additional cost for the payment plan and a discount for one payment.
Options & upgrades not confirmed until payment processed and availability confirmed by our suppliers.
How to book:
MEMBERS: Sign into the membership area and let us know (using the account page) how many people and the room types (single, double, twin) that you want to reserve. You will then be able to pay on-line or get instructions on check payment by mail.

NEW MEMBERS: To book this trip you must be a member of The World Tour travel adventure club. Club membership is $50 per calendar year (No membership requirement for under eighteens traveling with a guardian and for subsequent years where you are not on a club trip). Select here for more information on membership and complete the Membership application form
Terms & conditions:
The World Tour - Travel Adventure Club
  1. The trip does not include potential airline baggage charges. Baggage charges are controlled and set directly by the airline and are subject to change. Typically, carry-ons and ONE check-in included.
  2. Payments must be RECEIVED on or before the scheduled payment date in our US Mail post office box as listed on your account page, by bank transfer or by PayPal.
  3. Trip payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. Cancellation/travel insurance is available and strongly recommended.
  4. Any upgrades/options (room-upgrade, singles, flights, bikes, etc.) are payable with your initial deposit, or when you change your itinerary unless you have approval from the club in writing for another payment schedule. Upgrades cannot be changed or refunded. All upgrades must be confirmed when your payment is processed, if they cannot, you will receive a full refund for the upgrade or if with your initial deposit all payments made to The World Tour.
    NOTE: Canceling an upgrade such as a trip extension may cancel your entire trip.
  5. On trips with multiple flight options, the club reserves the right to change flight options based on group trip and transfer requirements.
  6. The trip price includes estimated airline/airport taxes and potential airline fuel surcharges unless otherwise noted. Your final payment may include the adjustment against the estimated verses the actual.
    NOTE: There has not been an adjustment in many years, since the high fuel prices.
  7. The final trip payment date is determined by the airlines, our suppliers & vendors and may change.
  8. The club operates group contract trips. Contacting our suppliers or vendors directly is strictly forbidden, without written authorization from the club. Attempting to join or have others join our trip without a club reservation is strictly forbidden unless you have agreement and written authorization from the club.
  9. You are required to purchase a club membership and pay your annual membership with your initial deposit. If the trip is next year, you are paying next year’s membership fee. Membership privileges can be revoked at any time for none compliance with club policies, and the trip terms and conditions.
  10. Under eighteens are required to travel with a legal guardian. Legal guardians are required to carry with them proof of identification and guardianship of the minor, and the authorization and ability to make medical decisions for the minor. Guardians must cover any additional expenses required by the minor. Guardians are solely responsible for the health, safety, and behavior of the minor.
  11. You must have a current passport valid for four months after the return date for international travel. You must also use your name as it appears on your passport (or authorized id for trips within the USA) on your reservation. You are required to fill out your passport information on your account reservation page.
  12. You are solely responsible for any visa or entry requirements, your legal ability to board the airline and to enter or transfer through the countries required by the trip agenda and your trip reservation. This includes exiting / departing the USA and re-entry / returning to the USA.
  13. The club is in no way responsible for any ADA or disability or accessibility or any accommodations of any kind on our group international trips. You, the member participate at your own risk in any and all travel, touring, social or athletic activities of The Club. You are solely responsible to evaluate and apply your own good judgment and capabilities at all times with respect to these activities.
  14. You are responsible for updating, checking and verifying your reservations details on-line on your account page, no exceptions. We are in no way responsible for any errors or omissions on your reservation.
  15. SCUBA Trips: SCUBA Drivers MUST bring their SCUBA certifications & proof of insurance with them.
  16. Singles are required to purchase a single occupancy room upgrade, or arrange for, and have a roommate. For cases of roommate cancellation, you are considered a single and required to pay the single occupancy rate if available and approved.
  17. Rates are net per person in US$ based on a check payment or bank transfer. There is a $50 fee on returned checks. We do not accept postdated payments of any kind. We offer payments by credit card using PayPal. PayPal payments are only accepted for trips departing more than ninety days from your payment date. There is an additional 4% transaction fee to use the PayPal credit card service. We only accept check, bank transfer or cash equivalent payment for any payments made within ninety days of departure. We only accept a cash equivalent (bank / teller / Money Order check or bank transfer) payment for any payments made within ten days of departure. You are responsible for any charges and/or fees associated with your payment. The amount credited to your account will be the NET amount of your payment credited to the trip bank account by our banking institution after any fees such as wire transfer, administrative, exchange rates, etc.
  18. Payments not RECEIVED by the payment date will result in reservation cancellation with no refund. If an exception can be made and approved by the club there is a $50 fee for payments received up to fifteen days after the scheduled payment date, which increases to $100 for payments received up to thirty days late, except for the final payment, as set by the payment plan / schedule, which has a late payment fee of $100 up to fifteen days late.
  19. You may be responsible for “town/city” tax in hotels that require this as a cash payment at check-out (small amount of $1-3 per night).
  20. Reservations with approved late payments automatically lose any early trip sign up incentives, including give-a-ways and early pricing if applicable. Reservations with late payments can lose upgrades and add-ons including single occupancy rooms, meals, rentals, hotel upgrades, extensions, excursions and lift tickets.
  21. The club is not responsible for the quality, functionality or suitability of promotional items, trip apparel, give-a-ways, SWAG, sponsored and discounted items. These items are subject to substitution and availability. We cannot change the sizes of trip apparel; as they are made to order for each trip.
  22. Trip events and on the ground/resort trip itinerary are subject to availability, cancellations, and changes. There is no refund of any kind for canceled activities, excursions or events included in our trip package.
  23. If you have arranged your own flights (a copy of your confirmed airline reservations and approval required) you are responsible for arriving on-time for Airport/Hotel transfers. You must arrive on or before our group flight and depart on or after our group flight. We cannot wait for and are not responsible for flight changes or flight delays of any kind. These can affect the availability of transfers.
  24. You agree to release the club from all responsibility or liability arising from the taking, reproduction and use of photographs and recordings of you and your likeness in any media form.
  25. Participation requires that you review and agree to our release forms and agreements and the above terms. Participants are required to agree and sign (signature of Parent / Guardian if Participant under 18 years of age) our release forms and agreements and mail an original copy of the signed forms to The World Tour. By placing a trip on deposit, you are automatically agreeing and indicating your agreement to the “Trip Terms and Conditions” and “Release of Liability” and “Covenant Not to Sue” agreements.

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